Foundation Institute for European Projects is non-governmental organization acting with the main purpose of defending the values of the civil society and sustainable development in Bulgaria and supporting the successful integration of the country to the European Union.

Since its establishment in 2004 Foundation Institute for European Projects upholds the following mission and objectives:

•    Alignment of Bulgarian legislation with the European Union Law;
•    Support of the integration of Bulgaria into the European Union;
•    Establishment and development of collaboration with Bulgarian, European and international institutions;
•    Support the development of a stable and effective judicial system;
•    Promotion of the values of civil society in Bulgaria.

Among our main activities are:

•    Conduct of legal research and analysis;
•    Rendering of legal consultations in various fields relating to our work;
•    Organization of trainings, seminars, public discussions and meetings in order to strengthen and develop the mechanisms and structures of the civil society;
•    Participation in working groups for drafting new legislation in Bulgaria.

Our team is formed of highly qualified lawyers and other professionals with specific interest in the improvement of Bulgarian and European legislation in different industry sectors. In our work we rely on the successful collaboration with internationally acknowledged experts who support us as lecturers and consultants in the projects we perform.